2.4 I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea and I think about leaving the house

AKA the Big Chapter of Spring, Park Life, Cheats and Babies.*

*Capitalization makes it seem more important, don’t you think? Without capitals it’s just another chapter about my lazy sims eating cheese and watching TV just like regular people, and what’s the fun in that?


I don’t even want to know this gnome’s plan for the Cuckoos’ vegetable patch.


It’s supposed to be Spring, but the weather is still a little unsteady.


Alvine’s work performance is now at the point of frequenting bars during fires. I’m not even making it up. This is what she did during a big fire next door: ate cheese.


I wouldn’t touch that cheese plate with a stick. It looks like the blocks for a shape sorter.

twins separated at birth


I would however ditch work for a bar that had a sphinx. Good choice, Alvine!


I gave Anne a makeover because I accidentally deleted her skin (that sounds disgusting) so now she sports Starfruit instead. Unfortunately I messed up her skin tone in the process, so she’s much paler now, but I think it suits her.


She’s too pretty for this legacy, but we knew that already.


She’s also very pregnant. I just want to hug her belly!


And.. oups!


Are you even supposed to be cute while giving birth? It just seems wrong somehow.


Hi new Cuckoo!


It was good enough for Oscar Wilde so it’s good enough for me.

Oscar Wilde’s son Cyril. Isn’t he wonderful? I love this picture.


“Well done, old horse!”



“Can I hold him?”

“After calling me a horse, I’d say you can hold him when he gets his driver’s license.”

Driver’s license in an ISBI? You sweet, sweet girl.


Kitty pix.


Kitty birthday!

(also please ignore brown cactus, I changed its colour in the last chapter because EW TURD but then there were the usual save crashes and pictures got a wee bit mixed up chronologically)


Hi Epitrix! You are very stripey!



Granddad (not actually biological granddad) can hold baby as much as he pleases.


OK, you’ve had your fun, age up the parcel.




Guess who takes after dad! The hair colour is from his grandfather Glenn Starkey.


Daddy’s little loon.


Yes, very cute, now please take a shower.


I will cheat until I get a painting!!!


Oh yeah and psychedelic Volkswagen beetle because why not. Their first car!


FINALLY! I like it, it does look like a slightly deranged person painted it. I mean a talented slightly deranged person, but still.


I gave Anne a painting/writing studio because her LTW is to become a famous writer/painter. We are all very well aware she will never paint a stroke in her entire life, but I thought she should at least have the opportunity.

(also I made that Buddha painting – the object, not the actual real life painting – there’s a link here.)

This was her emotional response:






amused idiot


idiot in pain


idiot in pain nagging me about it






complete idiot.

She never went into the painting studio again.


And then there was a park incident that included lots of cheating because:

1) It was Saturday and they were all in the green anyway, so no cheating for school/work.

2) I really wanted a few more interesting shots than “stare at the wall until pee comes”, just for ONCE.

3) Alvine & Julius will die soon and they should have some fun before that.


Look at her go!


Everyone was having a great time, together, which never happens.


Hey Anne, can I talk to you for a sec?

“Is this one of those Watcher chats I’ve heard about from Banjo and my mother-in-law?”

Yes, it’s one of those.

“I’m excited really, I thought they were making it up.”


Not sure how to respond to that. So, how’s family life at the Cuckoo house?

“It’s great! I had a baby, you know.”

I can see that. So, busy around the house?

“Not really. I like mooching about.”

I heard you’re actually a painter.

“Yeah!! I love painting!”

Still, I’ve never seen you paint?

“But I love it! And writing! Writing is great too!”

Haven’t seen you write either.


Sooo… how are things with Banjo and you?

“They’re great! He’s great.”

Very enlightening. Plan on any more babies?

“I dunno. Maybe. I mean, one is plenty, so maybe not.”


Actually, you don’t have a choice, there will be another baby.

“Thanks for letting me know.”

You’re welcome. You’re also a cook now.

“I am? But I want to be a famous painter/writer!”


Well, most people aspiring to be famous painters/writers have a day job, and this is yours.

“But I like having no day job!”

I bet you do. Just look at you enjoying it.


Come to think of it, I’m changing your life time wish to become a fantastic cook.

“WHAT! You can do that to me?”

Sure I can. Your new life time wish is to cook awesome food. *minus 10 000 happiness points*


“You’re terrible, manipulative, dictatorial and MEAN!”

Yeah yeah, your simulated life is so hard, boohoo.


After the outing, I sent the whole family to see Alvine’s grandchildren, because it was high time.

This is Julian & Layla.


And here’s Rade and Bay, apparently still very much in love.


They look more like Rade than Bay, I think. The third kid Selma wasn’t there, but she looks just like Bay.


Alvine, this is your grandchild Julian.

“I hope he is nothing like my daughter.”

Harsh. Also, unfair! Bay is a great girl, just not for this legacy.


Stuff Julius does: laundry.


Look, Cyril grew!


He’s insane, loves the outdoors and loves the cold. He looks like Banjo, only prettier.


Sorry for the fast pace on his childhood but honestly nothing happened.



Yes, dear, you are.


No need to sleep in your own pee just because you’re a king, though. Kings have beds.

Anne: durrrrrrrr



I’m sure they have potties too.


This is what the art room is being used for currently: Alvine mocks the radio’s cooking.


“Your dim sum SUCKS! I’m not even going to sugar-coat it, cause you need to be told.”


“Also, you could take a bath now and then, you really stink. It’s like you’ve never seen a shower. You know what, I should just dunk you in the tub myself.”

I would strongly advice against that.


“And what do you know?”

Never mind. Just, please, for me: don’t bathe the radio.


Cyril is one sleepy kid.


He’s so adorable when he’s not sleeping on the floor.


On a less adorable note:


Blake, NO! She’s like a 100 and that’s not even a figure of speech!


NO Rade, your sister-in-law doesn’t want to go on a date with you!

That’s all I have for now, but there were babies and kittens involved so I’m home free.

les points!   

-10 for pee & crash

+5 for birth

-45 total

I will never get out of the minus zone. 😦


7 comments on “2.4 I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea and I think about leaving the house

  1. Never mind. Just, please, for me: don’t bathe the radio.
    LMAO, good idea. Try telling the insane ones *not* to do stuff, you know they’re just going to do it to spite you.

    Cyril looks interesting; like his father, as you said. Hopefully baby #2 takes after mum, even a little. She is so pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      So very true. I’m just amazed at some of the stuff they do when you don’t control them. On the other hand there’s a lot of standing around and staring as well.

      I hope so too! She really is.


  2. loralie0512 says:

    Your sims are hilarious! I really do enjoy reading about them! Anne looks lovely in her new skin and Cyril looks adorable! I can’t wait to see him as a teen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you do. 🙂

      She does, doesn’t she? I think Starfruit suits her a lot better than ephemera’s skin, honestly.

      Cyril is a sweetheart, I just hope he will start sleeping in his bed soon. Or at least a bed, any bed.


  3. You’d figure Alvine would have learned on the job not to bathe the electronics. Guess she was too busy drinking during that lesson, huh? Ha! Here’s hoping she listens to the Watcher.

    Aw! Cyril! Love that name! He’s a cutie too. ❤ Now where's that other required baby? 😉

    Then again, LOL! Cyril is enough when it comes to fails! Oh no! He doesn't need a sibling! lol Poor kid.

    I have to ask, but that autonomous training mod, do your sims wake the toddler up just to train them or do they only do it at appropriate hours like above?


  4. ixot says:

    You’d think so, yes.. it’s pretty funny to watch her go and get drunk during a huge house fire.

    It’s a nice name, isn’t it? All in good time! But soon, I promise.

    Cyril has the most fucked up sleeping pattern. He rarely goes to bed at all. It’s all naps and crashes with him.

    Oh I don’t have that mod! I didn’t even know it existed. The toddler training was part of the cheating, and it was just for shots. I rarely train my toddlers for more than shots, because I think it’s really boring. *bad sim mother*


  5. Jowita says:

    Anne is so pretty! These dates started getting creepy, though.


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