2.2 Love in a Cold Climate

Welcome back to the Cuckoos! In the last chapter, our new torch-holder Banjo graduated “Most likely to become a rock star”, began his career as a musician and started something hopefully beautiful with heiress Anne Darby-Lancaster. Alvine helped during a terrible earthquake, and Blake aged up to teen.


Today, it’s the first day of winter. Alvine just ran into Julius Myrick outside the inn.


It’s like no time had passed since they last saw each other, and when the first snow begins to fall, Alvine makes a snap decision (like most of her decisions): she isn’t going to spend her last years alone.


“Julius, I know this is sudden, but I feel deeply for you and we’re not getting any younger.”


“Will you marry me?”


“Yes I will, Alvine. Let’s do it right here, and let the snowflakes be your veil!”

(Julius is an emotional sim and has a tendency to embellish.)

So that was Alvine’s one free action in her elder years, and I think it was very well spent!


Blake as a teen is exactly as Blake as a child – lonely and very well-behaved.


Well-behaved most of the time, at least… -5


He is a lot less inclined than Bay & Banjo to take a bath, but that’s just a minor nuisance.


This picture makes me sad. He’s like this lonely neighbourhood teen who hangs around younger kids. They admire him for a while but then eventually begin to wonder why he doesn’t have any friends his own age.


“Hey kid, wanna spar?”

“Uh.. I just came out from ballet practice, what do you think?”


“Hey kid, I like your hair!”

“Mum told me not to talk to strange men. Or boys. Or retards.”


“Suit yourselves, we could have had an epic snowball fight. :(”




In another part of town.


Namely Julius Myrick’s old house. (And that’s the Cuckoo house in the background.)


“What am I doing here again? I must be getting old, cause I haven’t the foggiest.”

You’re married now, Alvine, you don’t have to visit him anymore.


Blake, get your ass out, the promobile is here!


Exceptionally bad timing, Thalie. You’re the first person ever who wants to hang out with Blake, childhood included, and you pick prom night?


He should have gone with Thalie instead. 😦


And the next day he’s so exhausted he falls asleep on his way to school.  -5




“You know, coffee machine, working as a firefighter when you’re 80 really isn’t easy.”


“My Watcher is giving me a hard time, but I’d like to see her try and put out fires when she’s my age.”

According to popular belief systems, I’m immortal, sex-less and non-interventionist, but I feel your pain.



Seriously though, we should celebrate your marriage. Let’s go to the winter festival!


That’s the Myrick girl again, she has a toddler already?? Damn girl, you work fast.


Honestly it’s been like a week since graduation.


Well, have fun with that. Banjo is not letting go of his youth quite so easily.


As usual, the others stand around until nightfall – and THEN begin skating etc.




Please note 80-year-old woman in the upper left corner of this picture. I’m glad Julius is trying something a little less neck & hip breaking.



Alvine, I spent 2 months on crutches and let me tell you, it is NO FUN AT ALL. Get down here!

“I thought you had no body.”

Well my ways are mysterious.


Is this even supposed to happen? I thought food stand attendants were immune to cold.


Now let me illustrate how Julius is a better man in every way than Hercules.


“Are you alright? Shall I use my only free action to take you home?”


“I’m fine, I should probably close the food stand and cash up anyway. Thanks though!”


“Do you want to borrow my jacket at least?”

Deer: *bounce bounce bounce*



“What is it?! Are you having a heart attack?”

“Pee thawing in bladder, must leave right now, thanks mister!”


“What an emotional evening, a saved a life and skated for the first time and saw a deer!”

You’re adorable and I love you.


Let’s take a picture to remember it by.

(Yes, making them take a photo is cheating but I wanted a wedding picture, so there.)


Isn’t that nice! Now you’ll be remembered forever.


It’s Saturday night and Banjo has his mind set on an after-work beer.

“Same hair & pullover as that guy – awkward.”


“Much better!”



Man in corner: “You didn’t change your hair! Get a re-style or I will cut you!”

“Dude, get over yourself.”

What is Anne doing with that lame-o looking like a sports reporter? This will have to be rectified at once.


While lame-o is going to get drinks: “Hey Anne, how you been?”

“Tired of waiting for you to call me, I guess? And what’s with the torn shirt?”


“I’m in a band, don’t you know? We rip our clothes in the passion for music.”

“Really? And I thought it was because all you musicians are piss poor and can’t even afford a new t-shirt.”


“Don’t be like that, you and I could be good together, if you gave me half a chance?”

“I dunno. Maybe if you read the second line of that sonnet for me.”


“But thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st..”

“I think you skipped a few lines there, buddy.”


“Maybe, but I prefer to keep it to the point: you’re gorgeous and you should be with me.”

Anne: *drunken dufus face*


“So… what’s in it for me?”

“Think about it: in a few years I’ll be a rock star. We’ll ride in a limo, sip champagne, have a bunch of beautiful kids. Best of all, you don’t have to wait on the sidelines in drizzle while reporter guy over there is doing his thing.”


“Uh-huh? And what makes you think I would wait on the sideline?”

“Are you an athlete? I could be your rock star slash trophy husband.”

“Don’t push your luck.”


10 seconds later.


I’m not saying you’re over-reacting, sports reporter guy with purple nail polish, because I would be pissed too, but throwing a tantrum will get you nowhere.


“I dated her for MONTHS! She was going to leave her husband for me!”

They always tell you that, don’t they.


“How could you! During OUR DATE! That’s low.”

Actually, it is. Shame on you, Anne! But yay for Banjo’s sake.


“You told me you loved me! You said you were going to leave your husband!”

“A girl can change her mind, can’t she? I just realized your beard is icky and and…nail polish! And you’re boring.”

Banjo: *fetches popcorn*


*slap slap slap slap*

Banjo: *still completely unfazed*


Anne: “Wow, that was awkward. I’m completely stressed out.”

“We should go upstairs and get you more relaxed, then.”

CHILDREN AND SENSITIVE READERS BEWARE, the next few images are disturbing. Scroll fast to the bottom!


This is not two sims doing a visual representation of “a gap between us”. It’s a bed.


Graphic images about to start, scroll down and think of England.


So far, not too bad, albeit a little silly.


How fucking romantic.


This is what sims look like under the covers every time they woohoo. Think about that.



So NOW you render, deceitful bed!



(Banjo, how and more importantly WHY did you change clothes during intercourse?)


“That was lovely.”

“Yes, and we’ll have to be together forever now because we share the terrible secret what we look like during sex.”


“Come now, let’s not take to blackmail this early on.”


I’m truly sorry. I did wait for several minutes for the bed to render but it just didn’t. It was quite crowded in the bar below so maybe that was it.

Anne is still just a romantic interest, although their relationship is higher now.

To thaw food stand attendant was Julius’s one free action. He’s just that good.

fails: 2 (thanks Blake) -10

So we’re now at -65.



11 comments on “2.2 Love in a Cold Climate

  1. AHAHAHAHAHA! Oh jeez, I just cannot! I’ve seen the horror that lies beneath those covers before, but it never gets easier to see. It’s like two cannibalistic contortionists just started going at each other–how fuckin’ romantic indeed. Perfect song choice, rofl.

    On a less scarring note, Julius really is a much better man than Hercules! How nice of him to save that poor frozen girl. Good to see that Alvine finally ended up with someone good in her life 🙂 Best use of a last action ever ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      I’ve seen short glimpses but never everything in its full splendor. ” It’s like two cannibalistic contortionists just started going at each other” – exactly! LOL! Just crazy terrible! I don’t even know why they have to animate it like that, but I guess I’m not a game designer so..

      He is, he is. I don’t think I would love him as much as I do if I hadn’t seen Hercules is action, but in comparison he’s a right angel!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. loralie0512 says:

    Oh my goodness! I’ve seen the undercover woohoo before and it’s quite disturbing lol! Alvine lucked out with Julius, he’s definetly better than Hercules. Anyway I can’t wait to see Banjo hook Anne in. He convinced her to bed now to convince her into the house bahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      It is, isn’t it!?

      Yes, it makes me happy to see them together, finally. 🙂

      He’ll definitely stay on the topic of “bed”, that’s for sure. 😉 Mostly because that sim is seriously hard to woo otherwise!


  3. PMSL, oh man, that is just bloody scary. I have seen one picture before, but not a while series! And LMAO, Anne wears heels with her PJs? She’ll fit right into this cuckoo family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      Scary, oh YES! It’s so weird too, that it’s necessary to animate them like that, isn’t it?

      I hate it when creators categorize their clothes for every single kind of wear! Now I will see tons of sims run around in pajamas and pumps.


  4. No… No!!!!! LOL! That’s fantastic! That is truly worthy of an ISBI. Even the bed surrounding your TH is an idiot. 😉 Oh my.

    Ah! NOW I see why Alvine didn’t retire. Aw! She has somebody forever and always now. ❤

    Now to get Banjo his forever and alwasy. Gotta get crackin' on the next torch holder y'know. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      HAHA! Yes, even the BED is an idiot. Screenshot nightmare. It was funny though, in a disturbing sort of way.

      Yes, I’m so happy! *Happy senior wedding dance*

      I wish they could just phone dial-an-heir when they felt like it. I love Twallan’s SP, but you have to wade through a lot of ex-boyfriends/girlfriends and ex-spouses to get to an eligible sim. Sometimes I turn SP off until I’ve picked one and bagged them, and then turn it on again, but I didn’t this time.


  5. kitty_cat says:

    wait wut do u mean by free action? btw I got here from MTS and I’m WingedCat, don’t think it’s creepy. xD


    • ixot says:

      Not creepy at all! 🙂 No worries. Every non-controllable sim gets one “free” action for every age – one single thing I can control them to do. That it’s “free” is a little contradictory really, because basically they are always free to do whatever they want. But it’s free for me to control them without penalty, so to speak.


  6. Jowita says:

    That was creepy, but hillarious at the same time. Can’t wait to see the babies 🙂


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